Introduction to the Arms Warrior

Arms Warriors are strong but somewhat slow damage dealers which revolve around building burst damage windows with Colossus Smash IconColossus Smash. Their greatest strength comes in the form of a versatile toolkit, offering Single Target, close-range cleave, burst AoE, and even a limited form of physical damage immunity.

Arms has powerful burst damage abilities with short cooldowns, making it both extremely competitive and easy to play in Mythic+ dungeons, where it can align those abilities with most pulls. Although it will not always fill every global between cooldowns, those abilities refresh frequently enough that the downtime is minimal, and further reduced by higher gear. In addition to powerful on-demand burst-AoE.

Below you will find a beginners guide to the Arms Warrior, you can click on highlighted abilities, for a more in depth description of them.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Arms Warrior


  • Bursty, cooldown driven damage.
  • Versatile toolkit, able to effectively deal with 2 targets by using Sweeping Strikes Icon Sweeping Strikes


  • Slow rotation, with intermittent periods of unfilled global cooldowns.
  • Lack of sustained combat healing


15War Machine War MachineSudden Death Sudden DeathSkullsplitter Skullsplitter
30Double Time Double TimeImpending Victory Impending VictoryStorm Bolt Storm Bolt
45Massacre MassacreFervor of Battle Fervor of BattleRend Rend
60Second Wind Second WindBounding Stride Bounding StrideDefensive Stance Defensive Stance
75Collateral Damage Collateral DamageWarbreaker WarbreakerCleave Cleave
90In For The Kill In For The KillAvatar AvatarDeadly Calm Deadly Calm
100Anger Management Anger ManagementDreadnaught DreadnaughtRavager Ravager

Rotation of the Arms Warrior

The basic rotation for the Arms Warrior is as follows:

  •  Execute Icon Execute as often as possible to fill GCDs

You can use the recommended Addon ConRo for help with your rotation, it can be found in our Addons Guide here


  • Colossus Smash IconColossus Smash is a high damage offensive cooldown which causes the target to take increased damage, creating a burst window that serves as the linchpin of Arms’ damage.

Stat Priority

The stat priority of the Arms Warrior is:

  1. Haste
  2. Critical Strike
  3. Mastery
  4. Versatility
  5. Strength