Introduction to the Mistweaver Monk

The Mistweaver specialisation is versatile. Different talent choices allow it to fit the requirements of the raid very well. Mistweavers can heal both tanks and the raid very well.

For raids, Mistweavers are a middle tier healer. We provide unparalleled single-target healing, as well as consistent, reliable AoE throughput.

Based on talent choices, Mistweavers can be either unparalleled tank healers with strong area of effect throughput, or damage dealing mobile raid healers. Mistweaver Monks are one of the only healing classes that allow you to heal most whilst on the move, which can be very useful in boss encounters that require high mobility.

Below you will find a beginners guide to the Mistweaver Monk, you can click on highlighted abilities, for a more in depth description of them.

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Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Some of the strongest single-target healing in the game
  • Incredibly mobile, though a combination of movement abilities and spells that can be cast while moving
  • Very tanky, having access to two separate personal defensive cooldowns


  • Weak burst raid healing outside of Revival Icon Revival
  • Mana management can be difficult for newer players to pick up


15Mist Wrap Mist WrapChi Wave Chi WaveChi Burst Chi Burst
30Celerity CelerityChi Torpedo Chi TorpedoTiger's Lust Tiger’s Lust
45Lifecycles LifecyclesSpirit of the Crane Spirit of the CraneMana Tea Mana Tea
60Tiger Tail Sweep Tiger Tail SweepSong of Chi-Ji Song of Chi-JiRing of Peace Ring of Peace
75Healing Elixir Healing ElixirDiffuse Magic Diffuse MagicDampen Harm Dampen Harm
90Summon Jade Serpent Statue Summon Jade Serpent StatueRefreshing Jade Wind Refreshing Jade WindInvoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane
100Focused Thunder Focused ThunderUpwelling UpwellingRising Mist Rising Mist

Rotation for the Mistweaver Monk

The basic rotation for the Mistweaver Monk is as follows:

  • For single target healing you should use Vivify IconVivify
  • When dealing with constant incoming damage channel Soothing Mist IconSoothing Mist
  • Renewing Mist IconRenewing Mist should be used on cooldown, unless there is no damage to be healed

You can use the recommended Addon ConRo for help with your rotation, it can be found in our Addons Guide here

Healing Cooldowns

  • Life Cocoon IconLife Cocoon is a single-target healing cooldown, which places a absorb shield around a target
  • Revival IconRevival is a raid-wide heal, which also removes any Magical, Disease or Poison effects from all targets.

Stat Priority

  1. Critical Strike
  2. Mastery = Versatility
  3. Intellect
  4. Haste

 A good rule of thumb while gearing up for raids, is to just acquire as much item level as possible while preferring less Haste.