Introduction to the Fury Warrior

 Fury Warriors are raging berserkers who wear their battle scars proudly, attacking their foes with a relentless flurry of attacks which further fuels their rage and heals their wounds, keeping them in the fight from start to finish.

With heavy plate armour and dual-wielding two-handed weapons, these juggernauts specialise in battlefield mobility and executing weakened foes, giving up consideration for their own well-being and focus on the enemy’s destruction at all costs in a reckless race to the death. The Fury Warriors defining ability is Enrage.

Below you will find a beginners guide to the Fury Warrior, you can click on highlighted abilities, for a more in depth description of them.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Fury Warrior


  • Deals multitarget damage without sacrificing single target damage.
  • Strong burst AoE abilities which are also useful on single target.
  • Short priority rotation that is easy to learn.


  • The Haste buff from Enrage Icon Enrage creates feast or famine style gameplay, which may be unappealing to some.
  • Ramp up time is needed in order to generate Rage for Rampage Icon Rampage, made more difficult when not enraged.
  • While there is some amount of customization, talents do not significantly change the core rotation.


15War Machine War MachineEndless Rage Endless RageFresh Meat Fresh Meat
30Double Time Double Time Impending Victory Impending VictoryStorm Bolt Storm Bolt
45Inner Rage Inner RageSudden Death Sudden DeathFurious Slash Furious Slash
60Furious Charge Furious ChargeBounding Stride Bounding StrideWarpaint Warpaint
75Carnage CarnageMassacre MassacreFrothing BerserkerFrothing Berserker
90Meat Cleaver Meat CleaverDragon Roar Dragon RoarBladestorm Bladestorm
100Reckless Abandon Reckless Abandon Anger Management Anger ManagementSiegebreaker Siegebreaker

Rotation of the Fury Warrior

The basic rotation of the Fury Warrior is as follows:

You can use the recommended Addon ConRo for help with your rotation, it can be found in our Addons Guide here


  • Recklessness IconRecklessness doubles Rage generated from all autoattacks, special abilities, and talents
  • Rallying Cry IconRallying Cry, one of the few defensive group cooldowns in the game

Stat Priority

The stat priority of the Fury Warrior is:

  1. Critical Strike
  2. Mastery
  3. Haste
  4. Versatility
  5. Strength