Level and Heirlooms are changing in Shadowlands instead of giving extra bonus experience for completing quests and killing enemies, they will be giving extra bonuses to your stats but why and what changes are occurring?

The changes

With the launch of the pre-patch on live servers it will bring the new leveling system into the game, announced at last year’s blizz con, the way that you level at the moment doesn’t give you the opportunity to experience the story or the areas that you level in fully as you level so fast and move on to the next area area before finishing all of it. So to fix this problem blizzard has changed how it works, after you leave your starting zone you’ll be able to pick any expansion that you want to level in from 10-50 and stick with that story. 

However the overall experience will be shorter. So they have taken away the experience bonus from heirlooms, which currently help you level faster in the game. But for long term players who have the heirlooms it felt like we had wasted our gold, but no fear blizzard has us covered. The bonuses that they are placing on the heirlooms will increase our stats meaning that we’ll be able to kill things faster, die less often which equals us finishing the content faster. So don’t worry your heirlooms want to be completely useless. 

How to buy your Heirlooms?

A quick reminder of where to get your heirlooms and how to upgrade them. 

The Alliance heirloom seller, Krom Stoutarm, is located in Ironforge’s Hall of Explorers as shown in the images below.

The Horde heirloom seller, Estelle Gendry, can be found above Orgrimmar’s Front Gate as shown in the images below. 

How to upgrade your Heirlooms

To upgrade your heirlooms, first off you need to buy the right ones. You’ll then have to purchase upgrade tokens from the same vendor. They are purchasable with many different currencies. They are consumed on use, but the upgrade is permanent. Once an heirloom is upgraded, all versions of that heirloom on your account are upgraded to the new level.

One thing to point out is that if you want to collect and upgrade heirlooms that you can use on all the classes, it’s going to cost you a lot of gold, so I would suggest only buying and upgrading the ones that you need for the character you’re currently levelling.