Even though gold isn’t what it used to be in WoW you’ve got to remember that repairing gear and buying potions still costs money plus with the start of the expansion you’re probably going to be going through a decent amount of it with all those deaths.

So here are my top tips for making a decent amount of gold in Shadowlands and what to take advantage of at the start of the expansion.

1. Create a profession table

It may seem over the top but creating a table either for just yourself and your characters or for a guild will help with efficiently, you can do this in a spreadsheet or a hand written one. 

Here’s an example of what mine it looking like as we go into Shadowlands:

Don’t worry I know it looks like a lot but remember I’ve been playing WoW for 12 years I have a few alts.

2. Keep Calm and Carry on Fishing

People forget about fishing in wow sometimes, but as everyone else is levelling, if you start fishing you can fill the auction house with your fish and as people finish levelling and want to start levelling up their cooking profession they’ll buy your fish. It may be tedious but it will make you some big bucks at the very beginning, just pop on another video from the JustLootIt YouTube channel as you fish and you’ll be rolling in gold in no time.

3. Gathering can make more gold than Making if done right

One thing to keep in mind when trying to make gold in WoW, is that a lot of people are lazy when is come to gathering their materials and they would rather buy them from the Auction house, so there is demand for your Herbs, ores, skins etc. However how you collect it is where you’re going to make the most money, the biggest tip is make your druid your gatherer, as they can collect herbs whilst in travel form, and instead of the cast time to mount up travel form is instant, so picking Herbalism and Mining is a great one to do. There are some mounts like the Sky Golem which do the same so they’re a good investment.

4. Use an Auction House Addon

Using a Auction House Addon will really help with making sure you’re set the right prices on your listings, we recommend Auctioneer but there are others out there that make finding the best deals really easy. Also  making sure you don;t set the price too high that no one will buy them but not too low that you won’t make any money. These addons will also allow you bulck post and buy which will save you time rather than having to go through each one, one at a time.

5. Be organised

the last tip but probably the most important and thats be organised. Making sure that your bags are tidy.will help you keep track of how much you’re making or gathering, I can;t tell you the amount of times I’ve a certain herb thinking I didn’t have it just to find 10 stacks in the bank or my bags…..  Being organised will also help you keep track of how much gold you’re making which is a nice added bonus.

And that’s it with these tips you’ll be the be able to buy that one mount you’ve been looking at on the auction house, or you can change your look until your hearts content at the transmogerfier or if you’re really cool you can find me in game and throw your gold at me. 

Remember if you want to see a written guide on how to make gold check at the link in the description below or visit the JustLootIt Wow page